Set Auto-Reminders with Emails via NudgeMail

auto remind mail

auto remind mail
Is there a way to remind myself of some specific task with advance emails? or there is an email that I didn’t want to receive now but after 4 hours. What should I do? Should I leave it unread? Or should I keep it as a reminder note in diary/mobile alarm/Google Calendar?

There is a better way. I can use NudgeMail to get advance auto-reminders with emails at whatever time I want. They do not spam, no sign-up is required and they are very intuitive.

In the simplest case, I will send a mail with reminder note in the subject or message body to [email protected]. This is re-deliver my mail back to me after 4 hours.

Another way is to forward a mail to [email protected]. This will cause the same mail to come back to me at specific time but tomorrow.

Why I love NudgeMail?

Because –

#. It offers me to work from my email. There is no sites to open; no applications to run. It sets up in seconds.

#. I don’t have to sign-up. It works for everybody.

#. It doesn’t spam my mailbox.

#. It is very intuitive. I can include any time-format I want in the subject or mail address and it recognizes it all.

#. I can even snooze reminders, view my history, or delete all active setups via mails.

The idea behind NudgeMail is very simple, a email reminder system at its core. But its usefulness and easiness makes is worth to use. For example, mail can be send to any address like [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected].

You can find out more ways to use NudgeMail from this how to article. Alternately, send an email to [email protected] for full list of commands.

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wow! never knew of it :D thanks……

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