Top 5 Firefox Add-ons To Enhance Your Gmail Experience

Firefox add-ons provide better expandability over any web service. From a number of add-ons present, I have selected best 5 that would improve your experience with Google mail.

  1. Gmail Manager
  2. It is one of the most essential add-on that every Gmail user must have.Amongst the vast number of features that this add-on provides, some of the most important ones are:

    – Manage and switch between multiple Gmail accounts.
    – Check the number of unread mails without login.
    – Receive mail notifications

  3. Better Gmail
  4. Another highly recommended add-on for Gmail. It is authored by popular blog Lifehacker editor, Gina Trapani. Basically it’s a collection of various Greasemonkey Scripts.

    It adds useful features like:

    – Hierarchy in labels
    – File attachment icons
    – Filter assistant
    – Spam count
    – Highlighting of messages on mouse hovering

  5. Gmail Notifier
  6. This is the original Gmail notifier meant for the Firefox. No need to install official Gmail notifier which pop-ups between movies. Now get your Gmail notifications within the Firefox window only.

  7. WebMail Ad Blocker
  8. If you feel that your Gmail inbox looks messed up, then this add-on is made for you.
    This add-on removes advertisements from the right side pane of your gmail inbox. It even works for yahoo and hotmail.

  9. Email This!
  10. This add-on is handy in cases when you are on a webpage and would like to mail the contents. The mail recipients would receive mail with title as mail subject and url+highlighted text as mail body. Easy to use by shortcut keys and popup menu. Like it, mail it. As simple as that.

Bonus Add-on:

CookieSwap : A handy add-on to have multiple Gmail accounts working at the same time in single Firefox window. Since this add-on stores different cookies for Gmail at different locations, various accounts wont conflict with each other. Great, this could be used for other mail accounts like msn live and yahoo too

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Thanks for wonderful gamil addons for firefox. I specially liked WebMail which blocks my gmail ads

thanx for the information :)

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