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Follow Your World Application

Many times we wonder that how often Google maps are updated?. We want to know when our favourite location (home town, stadiums, places of interests) gets an image update in Google Maps or Google Earth. The official answer is between 1-3 years. So we keep checking them over again and again with false hopes that something must have changed. However a new application ' Follow Your World ' from Latlong team satiates your curiosity by providing email notification whenever a satellite or aerial imagery is updated for places you choose.

You can use this application from It’s a very simple to use tool. Just find a location by searching with the place name. The map will update automatically. Then drag the map so that cross-hair at the centre of the map overlaps your point of interest. Click Select point to fill latitude and longitudes for that location. Submit and you are done. Now the Google team will send you emails each time the imagery is updated in that area.

Follow Your World Application

Use this application to keep a check on new additions or to see if better and high quality imagery is available at your interested place. You can manage all your selected points from app dashboard and know more about this from this FAQ.

Note: Google Earth and Maps might not frequently update your selected location and so notifications might take several months or years.

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