Display More Than 10 Results in Google Search

Press the page button one by one is time-consuming & exhausting for users. It’s more of a task for students, journalists & researchers who rely on Google to look up obscure links & articles for work & assignments. Here’s a simple tip to make sure you Google Search always shows you more than the default 10 results on every page.

Show Up To 100 Results In a Google Search Page

Last week we looked at using Chrome’s Manage search engines feature to create small shortcuts for launching websites. We’ll be using the same feature to set the display limit. While Google can easily show more than 10 results, the maximum is up to 100 per page. Also, be warned that if your internet connection is less than ideal, the search results may take longer.

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Step 1: Open Chrome & visit chrome://settings/searchEngines

Display More Than 10 Results in Search

Step 2: Press the ADD button next to Other search engines. This step is necessary since Chrome doesn’t let users modify the parameters of the default Google engine which comes with Chrome.

Display More Than 10 Results in Search

Step 3: Type the following parameters:

Search engine: Google
Keyword: google.com
URL with %s in place of query: https://www.google.com/search?num=X&q=%s

Here replace X with the number of results you’d like Google to show. Now press SAVE.

Display More Than 10 Results in Search

Step 4: Press the menu button next to this entry and select Make default. This ensures that when you search from the address bar, Chrome will make sure to always preserve your setting.

Display More Than 10 Results in Search

Display More Than 10 Results in Search

Result: Here’s a short GIF demonstrating the search results before & after the changes.

Display More Than 10 Results in Search

Google Search showing 10 results by default

Display More Than 10 Results in Search

After making the changes to show 100 results per page

Alternative Method

Step 1: In the Google Search page, look for the Settings button below the search bar and click on it. Then press Search settings from the drop down.

Display More Than 10 Results in Search

Step 2: From the Results per day slider, adjust from the given presets.

Display More Than 10 Results in Search

Step 3: Scroll down & press Save to make changes final.

Display More Than 10 Results in Search

While the second method is simpler, from my testing it can only change the display values to the preset values of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 & 100. Unlike the previous method, it doesn’t preserve your setting when the user account is logged out and it’s impossible to set values in between the values mentioned above.

Both methods do work reliably but the choice is up to you to decide which one is better.

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