How to Clear Cookies from Specific Websites

If you’ve ever cleared cookies along with the browsing history just to fix an issue with a single Chrome extension or website, you must know the maddening feeling of having to re-enter unstored passwords and logging into websites all over. I’ve certainly done this quite a few times in the past and was relieved when I found that there’s an option in Google Chrome to clear cookies from specific websites.

What Is a Browser Cookie?

A web cookie is a piece of information stored specifically by the websites you visit internally in your local storage. It’s designed mainly for storing user information like button clicks, browser history of the items users in e-commerce websites & cart details when the user isn’t signed in to their account.

While it’s a really useful tool for companies, websites & convenient to users, it could also pose as a vulnerability since cookie data might serve as valuable information for hackers & rogue advertising networks. So it’s advisable to frequently clear cookies of unfamiliar sites.

Manage & Delete Cookies from Specific Web Sites

Step 1: Open Chrome & go to Settings.

Clear Cookies from Specific Websites

Open Chrome settings

Step 2: Search for Content Settings in the Omnibox or scroll down & press Advanced to find this option.

Clear Cookies from Specific Websites

Press the Advanced button at the bottom

Step 3: After going into Content Settings, select Cookies.

Clear Cookies from Specific Websites

Click on Content Settings

Clear Cookies from Specific Websites

Select Cookies from the list

Step 4: In this page scroll down till you see the heading All cookies and site data. Search for the site name in the search box to the right.

Clear Cookies from Specific Websites

Search for the specific site & click the trash icon to clear cookies

Step 5: Once the results show up, press the Trash icon to delete the cookie stored.

Clear Cookies from Specific Websites

Press the right arrow lcon to choose which ones to clear

Step 6: If the site has more than a single cookie stored, press the right arrow next to the search result. From the list of cookies, select the specific ones which you’d like to remove.

Clear Cookies from Specific Websites

Press x to clear specific ones

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How to Delete All Your Cookies

If you still want to remove all the cookies stored by every website,

Step 1: Press the Clear Browsing History button below Content Settings in the Settings page.

Clear Cookies from Specific Websites

Select Clear browsing history above Content Settings

Step 2: Check only Cookies and other site data unless you want to clear other information such as Browsing history, Passwords, etc. Finally, press Clear Browsing Data to clear all cookies.

Clear Cookies from Specific Websites

Check only the Cookies and other site data checkbox

It’s a really simple solution for clearing cookies from specific sites which will save a lot of time from having to re-enter information in all the websites again.

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