Share Your Google Wave with Everyone by Creating Your Own Public Wave

Google wave is a great tool for communication and collaboration. But unfortunately, new users couldn’t find enough friends or contacts to test and enjoy all the wave features. For this purpose, Google has introduced Public waves where everyone can participate and share his/her experiences.

Public Google waves are like open chat rooms where everyone can talk, share files and experiment wave features with anonymous users. Therefore, the first thing you must do, as advised by lifehacker is to dip yourself in public waves and learn its features. To find public waves, all you need to do is put “with: public” in search box.

One common problem with public waves is its speedy nature. Since, people all over the world share their thoughts, the wave displays them in real time making a complete mess. It becomes difficult to track your own dialog. For this reason, we will learn to make our own public wave, which can be used by embedded and used anywhere and its easy to share your own wave with everyone.

For creating your own public wave, just follow these simple steps in google wave:

1) You will have to add [email protected] or [email protected] in your contact list by clicking at + sign near manage contact link. Press enter even if submit button is not activated.

2) Now create a new wave.

3) Finally, add this public member as your wave participant.

Now, your wave is public and whomsoever knows the address can write in it without being a actual participant. You can also use wave APIs to embed waves in public forums, blogs, orkut scrapbook and other places where your visitors can easily contact. You can also check out our public wave by searching for with:public Gtricks public wave.

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Nice post. You can also use the WaveMade bot extension to automatically make your wave public and to add your public wave to a directory of public waves:

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