Google Wave Explained in Simple Terms

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  1. Chethan says:

    Yeah.. A quick guide for wave… Thanks Author

  2. Neil says:

    Found this site from one of my Twitter guys. Was hoping to read more specifics v. basics. Whence you discover a method to embed a Wave into a WP blog (with out having to have a Sandbox account) this single factoid will grow your visitor count by a factor of 10x. I found a WP plug-in that was supposed to be able to handle this, but it was too flaky. Will circle back in a few to see what you learned.

  3. Uttoran Sen says:

    Grrr… i still don’t have a google wave invitation…

  4. Gaby says:

    yo yo yo great article, Wave in simple wordsl could not say it better, please send me an invitation,

  5. Mark Essel says:

    Good overview and introduction to wave. I had an AHA! moment about a week after logged in for the first time when I discovered with:public.

    Then later on I discovered some more great tricks like embedding Google Wave in my blog. Since then I’ve done all types of fun things with wave, like embedding my blog in wave, creating a wave guide directory, and meeting all kinds of interesting people.

  6. Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats says:

    wave is one stop collaboration tool.. @uttoran check out my blog for wave invitations..

  7. abhishek says:

    Uttoran and gaby – Your Google Wave invitations have been send :)

  8. Mitzi says:

    great article! could i get an invite at ?

    thank you!

  9. baalji says:

    honestly i didnt undestand anything (as a commno man)

  10. Jason Green says:

    We are using google wave for storing documentation and information for developers on the carbon calculated API. We are embedding the waves into pages of relevance such as:

  1. January 4, 2010

    […] understand the basic concept and that’s why we have already explained it in simple terms in our previous post. Once having an idea about wave, we want to know something interesting about it. Google wave Cheat […]

  2. February 24, 2010

    […] Google Wave is a new communication tool that is not yet available to everyone since it is still in beta form. You can request an account or get invited by someone who already has a google wave account (I have one and it you are extra nice to me…:) ) The best way to explain Google Wave is, well, there honestly isn’t an easy explanation for wave! Here is a good site that may help: […]

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