Google Wave Cheat Sheet

Google Wave is creating lot of buzz these days. And, why not it should? Almost everyone is talking about it, though many of us couldn’t understand its basic purpose. Most of the technological websites can’t stop dragging about how wonderful wave world would be. But it would only be possible when everyone of us start using it to full extent (and that won’t happen for the next 4-5 years for sure).

Many of us fail to understand the basic concept and that’s why we have already explained it in simple terms in our previous post. Once having an idea about wave, we want to know something interesting about it. Google wave Cheat sheet is a collection of interesting facts, search operators and tricks that will be very useful for day to day usage. You can view this cheat sheet from the below presentation or download a PDF copy from here.

Google Wave Cheat Sheet

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That’s good, something worth keeping. I never really give up on Wave even though I’m not a frequent user. There will be a day when discussion is needed to be carried out in Wave, I’ll know where to look for tips. Thank you for sharing this.

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Its really a nice post… thanks for sharing…

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