Trick Gtalk – Force Idle Status on Google Talk

We all love chatting. Google Talk gives us freedom to talk anywhere and anytime wiht our online friends. Message them instantaneously, transfer files, share photos – we love it all.
But what we don’t like is getting disturbed by some unwanted friend. We really don’t want to chat at that moment but we are forced for maintaining relations.

Can we trick Google Talk? Can we show idle status and be active at the same time?

The best way to keep unwanted friends away is to be invisible or keeping our status idle.Google talk has no provision of invisible status(however you can always choose invisible status in gmail embedded chat)

Idle status in gtalk means you aren’t using the feature for last 15 minutes.Being idle is more advantageous than it may seem. You can always make excuses to your colleagues. Didn’t you saw the idle status – I was having lunch, I was watching movie, – I was not in my chair, – My brother was playing some stupid game etc.

So far as many people know, you can’t make your status idle. Its an automatic update which ticks after 15 minutes of inactivity.

gAlwaysIdle is a small application which gets integrated with gtalk and forcibly sets your status to idle.


gAlwaysIdle is solution for your dilemma. Now chat with whom you initiate and remain idle to all others.

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I m using it from long..and love it..!!
its great…!!!

thanx for sharing for all those who adnt know abt it..!!!

when i will write abt this post in my blog..will link your blog post too..:)

Sweet small utility !! thanks for sharing

itz not working…………..!!tell me how to do it………??????????????


it wont work!!!

you can also find some extra features on the labs version of other Google products which allows you to make yourself invisible but it does not always override the gtalk client software if you have that installed

This work has been plagarized by Nitin Krishan Web Developer New Delhi, India on Google’s Knol.

Can you please tell me why this site gAlwaysIdle is not working????
I need this software, please help ASAP.

    @Naief seems to be temporary down. However you can download this software from other internet locations.
    You can alternatively download gAlwaysidle.exe from ESnips.

    I am not sure who uploaded it so please run anti-virus check after download. Do it at your own risk.

It works but many Anti-virus software will flag this as a Malware.

it has installed in my system but i cant see dat option by right clicking at gtalk icon in taskbar :-(
it say dat now u can immidiately use gAlwaysIgle
but not working

Which version of windows are you using jayant?

Hey Piyush,
the link u gave worked!!! Thank u!!

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