Make Gtalk an Answering Machine; Send Auto reply messages to friends

Do you know that Gtalk can be used as an answering machine? Yes, it is possible. So, whenever you are away or busy with some work, you can instruct Google chat to send automatic replies to friends messages.

Gtalk Autoreply

auto-reply Message
GtalkAutoReply is very useful application to notify your friends about your absence from your desk. Alternatively, you can hide your current status and force it to idle to trick your friends. In this application, you need to provide your Google login ID and password and then set the automatic reply message. [Download here]

Friendly advice: Your auto-reply message must contain some text indicating that this is an automatic reply or else the receiver can be confused.

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how does google answering michine work how to get it running infor please inform me

Hi Luis,

To make Google answering machine work, you need to download free utility called Gtalk-AutoReply. With its help, you can turn automatic replies in gchat. You can download it here.

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