Google Talk Hidden Emoticons

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  1. Sunny says:

    can u add a geek one please? like a nerd with some glasses. kthxbai.

  2. What do u mean by ROUND and SQUARE ?

  3. Henrique says:

    Excellent tips, but what about newer emoticons?
    I specially interested in the hugs :)

  4. Jess says:

    the "wince" one isn't wincing… it's winking. >.

  5. Jared Hasson says:

    You forgot the robot. [:|]

  6. aster says:

    seriosly, i already know these

  7. Anonymous says:

    there too small to see

  8. Anonymous says:

    thanks! useful to surprise friends!

  9. Anonymous says:

    ~@~ turns into [poop]. Not really an emoticon, but worth mentioning I guess.

  10. Really funny! Sure it worths.

  11. Anonymous says:

    >.< is wincing, to the commenter that says it's winking. the expression looks pained. at best it's a tight blink, but if it's not smiling, what is that if not wincing? winking is one eye closing only... both are closed here.

  12. Anonymous says:

    there’s [:|] as well. robot.

  13. Anika says:

    cool these totally work but please add more will ya ?

  14. Pretty good one, I have tried without any problems. Just wondering if I can add my own animations … tried but kind of not working.. once all saved and restarted, I don’t get to see the pop up window with the icons..
    I know, doing something wrong :) any hint?

  15. Michel says:

    you can find more on my blog:
    just search hidden smilies

  16. A naughty mouse says:

    cool, these helped alot

  17. Steven says:

    Also, -.- makes two bars (like those seen on a cell phone). Not sure how to do 3, 4, or 5 bars yet. I’ve tried ~-.-~ and =-.-=

  18. Kaitlyn says:

    oooo thats so cool!! i LOVE the crab! soooooo cute! how do u do the hug?

  19. Tania says:

    Can i take a one small photo from your site?

  20. me says:

    what about ~@~ ? :)

  21. abhishek says:

    @ leela ~@~ is disgusting, I wonder if someone uses it.

  22. Jonathan Taufer says:

    uhm broken heart is not <3
    try </3

  23. abhishek says:


    Thanks jonathan, correction made.

  24. Enrico2002 says:

    wow an emoticon :)

  25. Michael H says:

    Accidentally discovered that
    will make a radio?!

  26. Satya sheel pandey says:

    This is excellent stuff keep it up,expecting much from you.

  27. Rizwan Ibrahim says:

    Nice Work!

  28. Achshar says:

    Heyy i cant see them ic gtalk for my desktop… the onewhich is in task bar near clock in windows..

  29. abhishek says:


    These secret emoticons work only inside Gmail chat, Gtalk labs edition and in Google talk gadget.

    Probably, Google will be soon releasing them for Gtalk Desktop :)

  30. Sharon says:

    Here’s the cat/dog

    :3 and the cow bell +/’\

    and the broken hart…. </3

  31. That should have been a lot of trouble to make that table with those tiny images. Good one :)

  32. jim says:

    can we make a read in gtalk – if any one know kindly let me know


  33. I ain't saying my name! says:

    Hey! You didn’t show the “nerd” emoticon, or any of the other green smileys! Add those!

  34. abdul says:

    waste macha :P

  35. emily says:

    how do you make the ones from
    “Important Update: More secret emoticon can be found by incrementing the end number by this URL –
    work in gmail. i don’t want i link, i’d like to insert the image

  36. abhishek says:

    @emily – Just drag and drop the emoticon to the message body.

  37. Hamza says:

    hey how to make robot and poop i cant do so plzz help

  38. Isha says:

    hey…. if u put it to the latest theme of smileys….the rock thing..[ \m/ ] becomes a radio!!!!! check it out!!

  39. anonymous says:

    :3 is a cat

  40. Kitties! says:

    Can those new emoticons (the ones with +) can be used for the chat?? if so how? they are so adorable!

  41. Abhishek says:

    Sorry Kitties, there is no way we can send images i.e new emoticons in gchat.

  42. Momo says:

    Do rock out symbol on the colorful button that edits how the smiley looks to get a stereo

  43. Haylee Brookfield says:

    I need more smileys! I hear that there is a microphone an alien and a cow and I am gonna look for them also :(:) is a pig ALSO go to and youtube I hate that I love you it is good! (there are 17 episodes of it)

  44. Katie says:

    (“) (“) they forgot this 1!!

    (“) (“)

  45. Katie says:

    (“) (“) <———- BUNNY!!!

  46. Corinna says:

    WHY can’t i use EMOTICONS in GOOGLE TALK.
    they only work in the chat box from the browser in gmail, but when i sign in to google talk platform, they don’t show up there and there ISN’T a blue emoticon box at the bottom right corner to use.
    i want some smileys in google talk! :) :) :) :) :)

  47. Anand.M says:

    hey guys….i was fooling around in gchat and found a cat smiley….
    :3 gives u a cat’s head…
    changing the style of smiley{ from round to square } we can get cat animated too…..
    give it a try frnds…
    its great abd also wiggles its ears

  48. someone says:

    I think :3 is a cat

  49. aamb_li4blue says:

    writing between 2 astrieks will give the bold effect
    and writting between 2 underscores will give the italics letters but letters must be written without spacing in both the formats between the astrieks and unscores
    e.g *BOLD*
    also strike through by using hyphen e.g -strikethrough-
    Add some dramatic effects.
    Happy chatting!!!

  50. Anonymous Source says:

    :-) Smile
    :-( Frown
    :-| Neutral
    :-D Teeth
    :-P Tongue
    ;-) Wink
    :-o Shocked
    B-) Sunglasses
    :-/ Slant
    x-( Angry
    :’-( Crying
    >.< Wince
    :-* Kiss
    :{ Moustache
    <3 Heart
    </3 Broken Heart
    }:-) Devil
    :(:) Pig
    :(|) Monkey
    [:|] Robot
    \m/ Radio
    ~@~ Poop
    V.v.V Crab
    +/’\ Cowbell
    _(|)_ Weird Symbol (Does not animate)
    *text* Apply Bold
    _text_ Apply Italics
    -text- Apply Strikethrough

  51. SAFTEY ISSUES says:

    How do you make like its a black heart, it isnt <3 or </3 or something like that, my friends said it is like alt and then 8 i do that but it never works, like they put there names like that Here is an example:
    ♥CIERA♥ I just copy and pasted that.. ugh i really wanna learn how to do it… do i have to like unlock something to do it? or is it a different combination then alt+8? Please help whenever you can!


    "Love the Lord you GOD with all you heart, with all you soul, and with all you strength."

  52. Anonymous says:

    The above mentioned emoticons don’t work when i use them. I type them but they don’t form the final pictures. Why is that?

  53. Skyler says:

    There is a Tosty/gray Cat and a Nyan Cat

  54. Person says:

    How u make happy crying emoji??

  55. anonymous says:

    You forgot the most important one:

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