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google talk in gmailAfter writing a post on hidden emoticons in yahoo, my friends have been asking if there some for Gtalk, the Google messenger.

Click Here for Secret and Hidden Gtalk Emoticons.

Some of the basic emoticon like :) and :D works inside google talk and on typing will turn bold blue like: :) and :D. Some other notably useful emoticons are –

:( , :P , :O , :| , :'( , :X , :-) , :-D , :-( , :-P , >:-O , :-| , :-x

However, if you use chat feature inside Gmail, there are few animated emoticons which aren’t documented and hidden for normal users.

One thing to keep in mind is that all emoticons are available for Gmail chat client but Google talk does not supports all of them. Google has beautifully added ‘animated smileys’ or ’emoticons’ to the Gmail-integrated version of Google Talk. These emoticons begin by showing you what you typed, then rotate or morph into a more traditional smiley (Refresh this page to see what I mean). Most of them are black on white (like the text in chat), with a few splashes of color. If you hover mouse arrow over them, they again re-animate to create lovely effect.
To use emoticons, you need to click the blue smiley-face button at the right of the text-entry field. A pop-up menu appears, where you can choose from different emoticon sets, including circular, rectangular, or standard. However beside these, there are few others which are undocumented and considered as hidden emoticons just like secret text formatting feature in Google talk.

Below is the list of all secret emoticons. Type the appropriate combination of keys in chat box and press enter to display them .

Emoticon Type this… to get this!
<3 heart
:(|) monkey
m/ rock out!
:-o shocked
:D grin
:( frown
X-( angry
B-) cool
:'( crying
=D big grin
;) wink
:-| straight face
=) big smile
:-D nose grin
;^) big nose wink
;-) nose wink
:-) nose smile
:-/ skeptical
:P sticking tongue out

Note that if you send an emoticon to someone who isn’t using chatting through Gmail, the emoticon may not display properly.

Click Here for Secret and Hidden Gtalk Emoticons.

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great list but there is at least one more: :* :)

Thanks Kael for :* (kiss) and :) smile

Thanks a ton! But there is a pig too.


There’s also the broken heart, and the ‘ring a bell’ sry 4 some reason i cant type them out

dude, it’s not working with me =(

there r a lot more than that…..
~@~ is poop.
+/'\ is bell
:(:) is piggie
putting * before and after words/phrases makes them bold
putting _ before and after words/phrases makes them italic
:* is kissy face (it also works w/ :-x)
[:|] is robot
>.< is squinty face
there r more but i cant remember :)
also the big nose thing only works on the classic setting. hope i helped!!!!

oh and did i mention the mustache guy?
:{ makes a guy w/ a mustache!!!! kool rite?
also devil is }:)
kk i think i may have repeated some other ppl said but ohh well!!!!!!

add this before and end of the text *_
it bold and italices the text!

you can use B) and B( and ;( too

: ( | ) is monkey (not an L-l- it is above the \ symbol)
: ( : ) is piggie
<3 and </3 are hearts
{}{ is a fishie but it doesn't animate
\m/ is rocking out fingers
B-) is sunglasses
}:-) is devil

putting * before and after the text bolds it. putting _ before and after the text makes it italics. putting – before and after the text makes it crossed out. and </3 is a broken heart

Umm some of these don’t work and look the same as the old ones… like the ones with noses don’t show the noses when you type them in. Just saying.

guys!!! enter _(|)_ in gmail msger.. and tell me what d heck output is??? reply me at yahoo id : bittercascade if ur certain about the result.. tanx

putting ^ around text makes it blue
also V.v.V is a crab

these are all the hidden secrets i know: (just dont add the spaces in ’em)
: ( | ) = monkey

:(|) is monkey
V.v.V is crab
+/’\ is cowbell
[:|] is robot
~@~ is poop
:(:) is pig
>.< is squint
:{ mustache
and finally… \m/ is rocker fist
i was messing with google chat with my friend chris, he helped me find some of these but some i also found on here.

Ye toh mast hain BIDU………………………..Kya aur mil sakte hain???

while [ $i -lt 1000 ]
let i=$i+1
echo $i


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