Send emails later by scheduling them with Boomerang

Send that mail later

Suppose you have any important mail to send but not right now. You want it to be delivered at a specific point of time. You want to schedule your mailbox to send mails automatically at specific periods even if you are not in front of your computer. Unfortunately, Gmail can’t schedule your mails to send them later.

Enter Boomerang. It is a chrome or Firefox extension through which you can schedule your emails to be sent at later point of time. Additionally, it also provides follow up service. That is, you can remove any email from your inbox and then it will re-appear after certain period. Therefore, you can focus on important things right now. That’s de-cluttering at its best!

Let us look at each function in detail:

Send Emails Later – Schedule Them

Send that mail later

Send that mail later

The flagship utility of Boomerang is to schedule emails. You can write an email right now and then send them at a later point of time even though you have logged out or shut down your computer. After composing your mail in Gmail, click on that “Send Later” Boomerang button to schedule it.

Boomerang gives variety of options until when to postpone the mail. Apart from the common options, you can choose your own date and time from the custom calendar picker. Boomerang will now store the email information on their servers and will send you on your behalf at the desired time. Therefore, there is no need of you to be logged in Gmail account during that time.

Follow-up Reminders

Hide email for some time
Having trouble with unorganised inbox? Then this function will be of great help to you. Just select any mail, click on the Boomerang button and it will disappear from your inbox until the selected time.

Fundamentally, we are doing email snoozing. That email will be hidden from your inbox view and will reappear when the time comes. This is very handy tool for follow-ups so that you don’t forget that important mail in the plethora of other junk mails.

Reminders If You Don’t Hear Back

Reminders if no one replies
Another very useful feature from this extension/addon is to keep track of replies of selected mails. When you select “Boomerang this message” box, the application will notify you if you do not receive any reply after selected period. It comes very handy when you are expecting a reply from someone. You don’t have to burn your grey cells thinking whose reply has come and who has not replied. Boomerang will handle this for you.

What about the price?
According to the official FAQ, you are allowed upto 10 schedule mails per month. If you want more, you can go for personal plan which lets you make unlimited schedules for just $4.99/month.

Boomerang is a great tool to use. Moreover, it is available for mobile and outlook too. You can use it with both Gmail and Google Apps account. There is however just one problem. It is a third party extension and therefore it will require your account access. It is made by the same folks who helped you achieve zero unread mails in Gmail. Use it to regain control over your mails.

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