Awesome New Tab Page Puts Windows Metro UI in Chrome

Awesome new page tab extension

Do you feel Chrome’s new page tab design is boring? Then you must see our previous post on 5 beautiful Chrome new tab extensions. A new addition to this list is Windows 8 Metro UI inspired, widget based aNTP or Awesome New Tab Page.

Awesome new page tab extension

aNTP is fully customizable with widgets, apps, icons, bookmarks and colours. It has bright and rich colours in neatly arranged boxes. You can rearrange these blocks with simple drag-and-drop action as per your choice. It is fairly easy to add, delete and fit these boxes anywhere on the page. The awesomeness comes from the fact that there are no icons but dynamic and interactive widgets on new tab. You can also make custom website shortcuts just like apps by your own.

However, there are some limitations with this Chrome extension. Currently, it is a developers preview extension and may have few bugs. In addition, it is very new and there are not enough widgets available for it. Nevertheless, new supporting widgets in form of extensions are being added to the gallery on regular basis by other developers.

Overall, aNTP is a beautiful shelf and comes along [by default] with weather, RSS and clock widgets which you can obviously increase. Worth a try!

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Beatiful extension. Will try it on my chrome today. :)


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