How to Permanently Remove “about the new look | send feedback” in Gmail

Gmail's new look box

You have upgraded to the new gaudy Gmail interface and probably you are hating it like many others. Among the other annoying elements such as low contrast between colours, one thing that annoys the most is the repeated little box at the right side bottom of the window. No matter how many times you close “about the new look | send feedback”, the box reappears each time we reload the window.

Gmail's new look box

To permanently remove it, we will use a trick with Adblock Plus Chrome extention or Firefox Addon. Fundamentally, we are hiding it with the incredibly useful Adblock Plus tweak, which will also hide Gmail ads and ads on other sites. Just add the following filter to remove it:[class=”w-asK w-atd”]

If you are a greasemonkey fan, you can instead install this simple script but unfortunately, this solution is available to Firefox only. For Chrome or Safari, you will have to install NinjaKit first.

UPDATE: Remove gmail feedback boxSome of you complained that this method did not work for them. This is because Gmail team keeps on changing class names. To find the latest class name, right click on the box in Chrome and select “Inspect Element”. Look for the name of the class and change filter accordingly. Right now the class name is “w-asK w-atd” which, I will be keep on updating from time to time.

Does anyone have a better idea? Feel free to share with us in comments or the forum.

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This no longer works. Google changed something (probably the ID) so this isn’t effective, anymore.

The adblockplus tweak for firefox worked like a charm! Thanks!

I’ve just found a solution that you can adapt to your needs as soon as they change the ID of the annoying div. Here’s how: use Google Chrome to open your gmail inbox, right click the annoying div and choose “Inspect element”. When the console opens, notice the ID of the annoying box, as of Nov 14th 2011 it’s “w-asK w-atd”. Just replace the div ID like so:

instead of[class=”GcwpPb-MEmzyf GcwpPb-bEO5kc”]

use[class=”w-asK w-atd”]

and paste the filter code inside AdBlock plus! That’s all guys :)

I had to change the class to something else. In chrome you can right click on the box and select inspect element, then use that class id instead.


The filter,[class=”w-asK w-atd”]

was the trick for getting rid of ads below emails. I guess the recent upgrades to gmail caused that ad to slip through AdBlock. I wasn’t able to manually create a filter without blocking the frame containing the email itself. Your filter was the solution. Thank you so much!

Thank you very much!! Your solution is great! :)

can someone pls tell me how to switch back to older look of gmail..??
i am not at all liking this new look its so so so uncomfortable

Google has finally FORCED the new look upon us by removing the “Temporarily Revert To Old Look” link. It’s done. Finalised.


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