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padmapper application

[USA Only]

Padmapper is a useful Google Map mashup, which helps you find apartments on rents from, Oodle, Kijiji and Craigslist apartment’s lists. Fundamentally, it is another apartment search engine but with the power of Google Maps that makes exploring easy and convenient.

padmapper application

Just enter city, address, or zip of a place where you want to find apartments, full leases, sublets or room/shares and hit enter. Alternatively, you have option to change rent range, bedroom and bathroom numbers while doing search. Now, the Padmapper application will plot all the available apartments on a big map with each marker representing a rent ad and letting you choose what you want. You can then see the rental details, the building images and nearby area from Street View tab from the balloons of the marker. The below video explains its functionality.

Alternatively, you can use other mashup services that work in the similar fashion. Some of them are:





However, among all of them Padmapper is the best not only because it is free but it offers wide variety of features. It picks up listings from various sources, can tell commute time, has iPhone and Android apps and advance filters for precise searching and much more.

Go ahead. Use this awesome mashup for finding apartments for rent or even for adding your own apartment.

Note: Padmapper displays only 200 markers at a time on a screen while there may be more rentals available in that area. Therefore, do not forget to zoom in or use filters to search just that perfect apartment.

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