Managing Mails this Holiday Season with “Inbox by Google”

Inbox by Google

Every year around this time, you suddenly get a lot of stuff to juggle between such as flight tickets, office work, reservations, Shopping etc. To deal with all these, Inbox by Google can be a good replacement of Gmail this time. It organises important information, helping us get back to it when needed and on required time. Imagine Google Now and Gmail combined into an app, that’s Inbox by Google. It will not only manage mails but also your trips and reservations, making it perfect for this holiday season.

Park Gmail and Give a Try to Inbox This Season

If you are a heavy email user and knows Gmail inside-out, then Inbox will be not pleasant switch. It is well suited for casual email users, whose productivity and workflow does not depend on email platform. Nonetheless, Inbox provides additional features like snooze and reminders that will help you manage your mailbox during holidays. Also, you get to learn new application and play with it in your leisure time.

Inbox by Google

Inbox by Google can become your personal email assistant this season solely on the basis of these features:

#. Automatically categorizing mails into bundles

Inbox by Google automatically categorizes incoming mail according to its purpose. For example, promotional mail, social mails, etc. By bundling mails, you get the important stuff first, rather than going on searching. It also lets you create your own personalised bundles, for a specific task that you have to meet.

Let’s suppose you are not going to check mails during holidays. Now, you can create a customized bundle to group all your work related mails in a single list. This bundle will be at top of your mailbox whenever you are ready to get started with work.

#. Viewing important information without opening the mail

Inbox automatically highlights the important content from the mail, making it easy for you to preview important information. You can see flight updates, order status, reservation details, and pictures without having to open the message.

#. Setting reminders and snoozing over emails

Snoozing allows you to deal with a mail later by postponing them for a while so that they reappear whenever needed. Just swipe left on the mail’s tab to setup a snooze. Reminders and to-dos are the best way to organize mailbox. Earlier, you had to manage Reminders, to-dos and emails separately, but now you can handle all of them in the single interface.

#. Pinning important mails

You can also pin mails and later view them on a special board. Pinning stuff gives mails a higher priority in your Inbox. It is very similar to starring mails in Gmail.

#. Smart replies

Inbox will automatically generated simple but smart replies in case you are running short of time. It will suggests up to three responses based on the emails content like Yes, No and May be.

#. Smart searching

Inbox introduces contextual based smart search just like Google Now. For example, when you search for “my next flight” you will get ticket and other information in a card layout.

#. Trip bundles

With the new update, you will get a enhanced Trip bundles that combines information related to upcoming trips like flight schedules and hotel reservations in a single list. It organizes all this information according to importance and relevance so you don’t miss out on anything. It also summarizes a trip plan which you can share with friends and family. Most importantly, Trip bundles work offline too in case you don’t have a data connection during the trip. Also, you can now send multiple photos at once in the mail, making sharing photos and travel plans with friends and family a lot easier.

Inbox has a changed the way we deal with mail. It’s more task oriented than simply reading it. Though the terminologies like “done”, “pinned” and “bundles” will take some time to get used to, you should give a shot to a newer approach this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

PS: In the newer approach, “Done” means when you don’t need a message anymore. Marking an email as “Done” removes it from your inbox or visible bundles.

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