Free Gmail VS Hotmail Plus VS Yahoo Mail Plus. Who Wins?

Yahoo and Hotmail are products of the late 90’s while Gmail was launched in 2004 yet Gmail overcomes both in many aspects. Moreover Gmail gives many features free of cost.

Yahoo has 280 million consumer-base and Hotmail has 270 million users while there are only 146 million users of Gmail. Despite of only used by 20% of users it has gained incredible 4% growth rate. Gmail recently shred their beta label and it continues to be free whereas other mail providers charge some fee for providing several basic features that can be now considered as standard.
Let us compare some features of the most popular email providers and make out why Gmail scores way better than others. Yahoo and hotmail have legacy in their fields and Gmail is just newly born. Therefore it will be appropriate to compare premium services to free Gmail for an unbiased comparison:

 Features  Gmail  Hotmail Plus  Yahoo Mail
 Price  Free  $19.95  $19.99
 Storage  7 GB+  10 GB +  Unlimited claimed
 Attachment Size  25 MB  20 MB  20 MB
 Ads  Text Ads on right sidebar  No Graphical Ads  No Graphical Ads
Exclusive  Undo Send  SkyDrive  Live Customer Care

Some other points to consider that makes Gmail best mail provider:

  • Speed and ease of Gmail is at par with yahoo and hotmail live.
  • Gmail offers free mail forwarding and pop-out services whereas other mail providers charge you for this facility.
  • Gmail, offer a much richer experience than counterparts unless Ajax is turned on.
  • Another cool feature is its Gtalk integration. You can chat with your friends write from Gmail window. Yahoo also has IM integration with its email service.
  • Gmail is preferred because of its speed, performance, labelling capacity and amazing search.
  • Gmail takes some time to get used to but later complex actions become spontaneous.

Gmail also offers other advantages such as mail fetching and tight integration with Google Calendar and Google docs. As anticipated, Gmail wins over all categories.

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GMAIL is the most competitive and best email service than hotmail and yahoo. There are few reasons.
1. Much more efficient bandwidth management of google
2. User friendly access with much more learnability than other services
3. Selective GUI options for ease for access/mail related tools

I’m sure GOOGLE will soon support video chat in their desktop chat client (i.e. Google Talk) with better stability than hotmail or yahoo.

Yahoo and hotmail should learn from google because google came up recently where hotmail and yahoo are very old firms in the field of online services like email, etc.

You seem to have forgot a few things that Gmail does not have. Please compare the accounts imparcially, and then provide an imparcial opinion, if you have the abilitiy to place yourselfs in the “skin” of different types of users with different types of e-mail usage. BTW, I use Gmail and Hotmail on a minute basis, and there are things prefer in one over the other. To me, as to most users, in my opinion, there’s not a preferred one… Unless you’re a Google freak, or-anti MS persons, or anti-Google persons, or MS freaks (yes, they also exist, that’s the thing with personal tastes, everyone has their own)…

Just a suggestion: use this so called tool, the internet, for intelligent things, if you can get my point… People are not all the same…

Sorry for the duplicate post… I was correcting some errors… Opera mini IS something that you could criticise ^^


I agree with the previous comment. Don’t get me wrong I like many features Gmail offers but you seem to have a Gmail bias and emphasize on the shortcomings of other providers in comparison to what Gmail offers. Why don’t you compare Gmail with the good qualities that other providers have to what what Gmail lack such as the ability to upload by folder which you can do with SkyDrive and nice Office software on Hotmail or how I can look at news/what’s new at same time as email and get friends updates kind of like facebook on Yahoo…etc.


Please before writing such a review gain better facts and be imparcial.

I am not completely computer literate, and think I’ll stay as I am. The only reason I’m thinking of change, is because of the adverts! They interrupt and hold up my work, and destroy my train of thought.

I think you ought to invest in a dictionary, because you have spelt ‘impartial’ with a ‘c’ – it should be a ‘t’ (it means ‘not partial’ or ‘not preferring ‘).

Thanks for the offer anyway – may take you up on it later?

All teh best,

AND AGAIN!!! Fingers – I’ve smacked them (Used to be a teacher!)

When was this article written It is now 2016 What has changed in the comparisons?

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