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Have you ever wanted to surprise your friends with some crazy text? Previously I have wrote similar post for using Stylish fonts in Orkut. Here is another text trick that will flip your message. Your text will be displayed upside down to your friend. Readable but enough to shock him! You can use this trick with Google Talk, Orkut, Yahoo messenger and even with Gmail. ¿ uɐǝɯ ı ʇɐɥʍ ǝǝs – Tilt your head to read this.

Follow this link to Flip.

Follow these steps:
1) Enter the text you want to flip in the first box.
2) Press on the ‘flip button’ to get the upside-down text.
3) Copy the upside-down text from the second box and paste where you want.

1) Flip is not same as reverse writing. ‘skcirtg‘ is reverse gtricks and ‘sʞɔ!ɹʇƃ‘ is flipped gtricks.
2) The output text requires UTF-8 to be visible. Don’t worry? This works on almost all sites.
3) The resulting flip text works only on windows based systems.

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Hi……..even i got this

Nice post on flipping text upside down. And I like the Orkut stylish fonts one too. Only thing is, I would link to Flip Text instead of the revfad site you linked to. This site does numbers and uppercase letters well. and i think they have a fb app too. much more developed overall. tell me wat u think?

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