Unknown Inbuilt Pages for Firefox

These have been around for quite sometime now but you might want to check them out again. For newer Mozilla Firefox users, these are quite interesting. Firefox does actually have these so-called hidden pages or secret inbuilt pages. Call them easter eggs if you want but a bunch of these hidden pages are quite useful.

You can just type these in the address bar and press enter to access the pages. Here are the magnificent seven:

about: – The same as the one under the Help menu. So I’m not sure if this is exactly hidden. Shows the same thing.

about:buildconfig – Shows the build configurations and some parameters.

about:cache – Shows you some detailed stats on your disk and memory cache which includes the directory and the list of files/web pages accessed and stored there.

about:config – Allows you to configure Firefox in-depth.

about:plugins – Lists all the installed plug-ins in your browser.

about:credits – The long-ish list of people who have helped in building our favorite browser.

about:Mozilla – Freaky if you ask me. And very cryptic. It seems to be a quote from a passage in “The Book of Mozilla.” You can’t find that anywhere though. Reads:

And so at last the beast fell and the unbelievers rejoiced. But all was not lost, for from the ash rose a great bird. The bird gazed down upon the unbelievers and cast fire and thunder upon them. For the beast had been reborn with its strength renewed, and the followers of Mammon cowered in horror.

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There’s also about:robots

I typed about:mozilla in the address bar. I got something different than you did. I wonder if the change it with the updates.

“Mammon slept. And the beast reborn spread over the earth and its numbers
grew legion. And they proclaimed the times and sacrificed crops unto the
fire, with the cunning of foxes. And they built a new world in their own
image as promised by the
sacred words, and spoke
of the beast with their children. Mammon awoke, and lo! it was
naught but a follower.

from The Book of Mozilla, 11:9
(10th Edition)”

without quotes “about kitchensink”

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