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If you are one among those, who regularly uses Google Docs then you must have felt the need of offline local folder that will remain in constant sync with your Gdoc Account. Just like the dropbox where you can keep all your MS documents, PDF’s, MP3’s and other files in cloud and in your desktop with real time synchronisation. Not much long ago, we have covered GDocsDrive, which transforms your Google account into a personal drive for making online backups. However, it did not provided real time synchronization and it was not free.

insync logoIntroducing InSync – a free and a small software which keep files on your desktop in sync with GDocs. Just like dropbox, this useful software provides cloud based storage so that you can easily edit, update and share files between Google Docs and your computer.

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Soon after installing, the program asks for your Google credentials. The program now makes a new ‘insync’ folder on your machine, within which Google account name folders are created. After few seconds, all your Gdocs files gets downloaded to this folder. Now the folder and the account are in complete sync and any change made to files will get reflected in all the places. It’s simple! Copy a new file to that local folder; it gets automatically uploaded to cloud. Make a change offline; file at Gdoc will get changed. Much like dropbox with additional benefits like –

#. Sync multiple account with multiple machines. Any local/offline change gets reflected on online version.

#. You get 1GB free storage from Google. You can purchase more at 1/8th price of Dropbox (20GB at just 5USD per year) from https://google .com/accounts/PurchaseStorage

#. Easy sharing options that enables effective Google Docs collaboration.

#. Offline access or tension free automatic backups.

#. Desktop notifications for any change.

Syncplicity is another useful software to backup and sync Google Docs with Office documents on your computer. This software works in the same way as Insync and lets you edit your GDocs document offline using Microsoft word and then later sync changes with original docs. Though this offers more features than Insyc, There is a major disadvantage with this application – its complex to use. If you can understand detailed stuff, then Syncplicity should be your preferred choice. Here is a quick demo video –

Lastly, for the Google Apps users, we have Memeo. With natively developed GDrive technology you can upload, sync, edit and share any document on Google Docs, even when you are offline on multiple devices. Check their video below –

Tell us in your comments on how these applications helped you in your daily lives.

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Hi Abhishek,

its very helpful to me, by using this we can keep our Gdoc files in local also, amazing…


Has anyone tried GoSync for Mac, from the Mac App Store? (

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