Delete Google History before New Policy Changes

remove google history

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  1. jos says:

    i am new usin google products but i dont think is ok to create a personal profile to google user where other person will be able to see wht u were doing in the chat, i am gay and obviosly i will be looking pagaes related to gay ppl. them making this profile is just to show ppl ur private life. that talking about private life other main reason i use google is to look and find the best price on articles i am a buyer and samething it wil show what u interest to buy or what you trying to optain it could be your house, car, personal staff, once again totally wrong, i havent get in to any argue with other ppl in the chat but i know couple of persons who love to do that what about if one of the persons you argue with jst come to your little profile and research in your staff the migh be able to find out ur address or the will know ur bank, the church you asist. Honestly thanks for the advertiment but i will cancel all my account and i will stop using any google product. and even if exist other search engine ppl will forget and start looking for personal staff on regular engine (google)the next day everybody will know that, and you can tell me, they have to take care of their self and watch wht they doing, honestly i am those kind a person who always forget everythin everywhere !!!! i am sure there is a thousan, million ppl like that, just let me know if u never had forget ur kiss inside ur car, neverforget ur wallet, never forget anything???? wel that the deal

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