Increase Space Between Bullet Numbered List in Google Docs

Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations came out lightening but soon and swiftly faded. For a very long time, there has been no update from Google docs’ team. There are certain common problems, but Google doesn’t provide any help regarding them like the one I faced to increase the spaces/lines in Bullet numbers list.

Recently, I was working on Google Doc to make a Wave Cheatsheet presentation, but I didn’t find any option to increase line spacing. This was particularly annoying in bullet points where I wanted line breakings after different points. But there was no way to do it, except pressing spacebar. (Even Enter button didn’t make any change in formatting.) Finally, I figured out a quick trick and decided to change the CSS associated by document.

To increase line spaces between bullet numbered list, first, go to Edit –> Edit CSS option from Gdoc Option bar. Enter the following code :

li { margin-bottom: 10px; }

Great, we are done. Now all the lists (whether numbered, bullet or points) will have a line gap between them.

Before Editing

Before Editing

After Editing CSS

After Editing CSS

What we have done here is, superimposed our style on GDoc. Google Docs, give us this feature to edit associated CSS with any document. So, we have made a “li” i.e. list definition with 10px wide bottom margin. You can also add other attributes to style up your text. Let me know in your comments if you face any other problems.

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