Google Makes Chrome Extensions Public

As anticipated, Google has launched its extension gallery for Windows Chrome users and as an early Christmas gift, it has also released Chrome for Mac and Linux users.

We have already informed you that Chrome extensions might go public by Google this week and yes, it did. In all, there are 435 extensions though you might not find complex and multi-utility extensions like there counterpart addons in Firefox. These extensions are lightweight ( it means they won’t slow down your chrome browser) and typically get installed near the address bar.


To install Chrome extensions, you must have latest beta version of Chrome. You can download it from here.

Some of the highly recommended extensions are:

AdThwart – Works like Adblock plus addon for Google. This extension will hide all the annoying ads from the webpage. Note that the ads are hidden, not removed. You can remove ads from chrome by this trick.

Gmail Checker – Displays number of unread messages from your Gmail inbox.

Google Translate – Lets you translate any webpage with a click of button. It uses Google translate engine to convert text, websites, blogs and documents.

VerticalTabs – If you have a habit of opening too many tabs at same time, then this extension is specifically made for you. Along with smaller tabs of Chrome (which are terrible to read), this extension will display all tabs in vertical fashion with full titles.

IE tab – For websites that doesn’t function properly in chrome, use this extension that will use IE engine but renders it in Chrome.

Facebook – No need to open facebook in a separate tab. This extension lets you check your wall, your feed and notifications from a small pop-up.

One number – Too many add-ons but less space? This nifty extension lets you save space by providing single button for Gmail, Greader, Gwave and GVoice.

RSS Subscription – Subscribe to feeds by clicking on RSS icon in address box (omnibox) just like in Firefox.

We will be soon publishing the list of most useful extensions. Until then, enjoy and experiment with Chrome extensions from here.

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