Creating Comments in Google Docs, Slides and Sheets on Web and Mobile

Google Docs and other cloud based documents do seem perfect but never really excelled at the comments facility, especially on mobile. With the recent update, the company fixed that by implementing a completely new mobile commenting system. So how do you use that to make your experience more sublime and collaborative?

Commenting in Google Docs

#. On Web

add comment google docs

Head over to your document or create a new one on Google docs, visually there are no changes but move your cursor to the line at which you want to add a comment and do a right click.The drop down menu now includes a “Comment” feature, click on that and add your remarks. Google has also provided a shortcut to quickly access the feature with “Ctrl + Alt + M”.

You can also add a comment by hovering at the edge of your document page that will reveal a bubble. Clicking on bubble will reveal the same comment box that you were greeted with earlier. The insert tab on the top menu also consists these options in case right clicking isn’t available on your machine.

google docs bubble

#. On Mobile
The process is fairly similar for mobile app. Hit the “+” icon on top and add your comment. You can also click the comment you or someone else made before and reply to it.


To view a comment on desktop that’s already there, just hover over it, the text will highlighted by light orange color, letting you know there is a comment. Same goes for mobile, although there you will have to tap instead of hovering.

google docs comment

Now there are a couple more things you should be aware of, first is the “Resolve” option that is used to mark that remark or suggestion solved. The option is available in the comment box on Desktop and the comment screen that slides in from the button on mobile. Google also provides you the ability to edit, reply or delete the comment if necessary.

You can also tag people in your comments/replies using the “@” sign followed by the person’s name.

There is a neat trick on mobile to move one-by-one through all the comments, just swipe left/right when viewing a comment and the next comment will present itself.

Commenting in Google Sheets

#. On Web

google sheets

The same mechanism works for Google Sheets, just move to your entry and right click to reveal the options. From there you can add your points/comments.

#. On Mobile

Commenting in Google Sheets

On your smartphone, you can insert a remark by either hitting that “+” icon on top or hold the cell that will reveal options including cut, copy, paste and at the end there will be three dots, tap on those and make the comment by hitting the comment tab.

Other facilities like resolving, deleting work the same as they did on Google Docs.

Commenting in Google Slides


Last and finally, understanding comments on Google Slides. Everything is similar to what we saw above except you will be adding comments on different objects of a slide, for instance there could be a comment on a particular text box, image etc.

Other features like resolving, replying work similarly.

Google Slide Add Comment

That’s all you needed to excel at Google’s new mobile commenting feature. If you have any doubts, shoot them in the comment section below.

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