Convert PDF into MS Word format using Google Docs

Settings in Google Drive

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  1. Gillian says:

    You said :

    1) Go to Google Docs and start uploading your PDF.

    When I go to, and I hit ‘upload’.
    The only dialogue I get is to “choose a file from my computer, or drag and drop in an area”. The PDF file uploads. Done.

    I never get a dialogue box to ‘select “Convert text from PDF and image files to Google documents”.’

    • Hi Gillian,

      Google Docs has undergone UI overhaul and the present direct conversion are not present now.

      However, you can still use Google’s OCR technology while uploading the PDF document. I have updated the article, let me know if you get stuck in any step.

  2. Bill Harwood says:

    I had no luck converting my pdf to ms-word. Never could find out how to use google OCR to edit either.

  3. Michael Donham says:

    Maybe Google Docs has been updated as the reply says yo Gillian. I just uploaded on 5/16/17 and the same thing happened as it did to Gillian.

    Also, you cannot copy or print forms you’ve filled out without subscribing. This wasn’t obvious until I’d finished and wanted to do both. If I had read through the entire web site, I might have caught their warning that “some features may not be available”


  4. CDA says:

    Though the intent was to help I too have spent 30 minutes attempting to follow these directions
    No ‘convert uploads’ I used to be able to convert but had forgotten the steps – maybe because its a subscriber service now – don’t know But these instructions don’t work thank you for the try

  5. ghost_unknown says:

    THANK YOU! Zamzar worked just perfectly. I highly recommend it. It’s free, it’s quick, it’s efficient, and it’s safe. I got a file converted from a .pdf to .docx in less than a minute!

  6. Tom says:

    Step 1: Upload to Google Drive
    Step 2: Right click, open with -> Google Docs
    Step 3: File -> download as -> Word Document

    Done :)

  7. Paul says:

    Drive never converted PDFs to Docs during the upload. The feature was for Microsoft Word files. It was eliminated because of difficulty in converting files which could be very complex, the feeling being that the editing capability of Docs provided a safety net.

    Use Drive to “Open As” a pdf with Docs.

    It works for simple text reports, but it butchers complex formatting with illustrations, charts, columns.

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