Save Images from a Google Docs Document

Despite being the most feature rich cloud office suite available, Google Docs still doesn’t allow saving images directly from documents. However, through a couple of steps, you can make that happen in no time. Here, we bring you some easy-to-use ways to save images from a Google Docs document.

Download Images from Google Docs Using an Add-On

Thanks to Docs’s increasing add-ons selection, you can download images from a document without any hassles through “Image Extractor”.

Download image

Image Extractor does not come loaded with tons of settings and the extension keeps things extremely simple. After installing the tool and launching it, you’ll get a neat sidebar capable of performing only two actions: Rename and Download.

To download an image, you need to select the desired image and input a name in the text field located on the sidebar. Once done, click the “Download Image” button and you’re done. That’s all this extension does, moving on to a little complicated yet effective solution now.

Save Images by Exporting it as HTML

Image extractor does the job fairly, however, the process can be tedious if it’s a lengthy document. To overcome that, there’s a workaround that lets you straight away use the right click to save a picture.

Publish Google Doc to Web

First of all, open a document and via the “Files” menu, click the “Publish to the Web” option. You’ll get a small window to publish the section. Hit “Publish” to create a public link for your document. Head over to the web page and you’ll be then able to save images by merely right-clicking and choosing “Save Image as”.

Save Image as Option in Google Docs

Do note that your document is now public. If you want to make it private again, click the “Stop publishing” button under the “Published content and Settings” menu situated in that window we saw earlier.

You can also use this second method to save an image from Google Slides or Spreadsheets.

That’s all, hope Google will soon add an option to save images from right click. Until then, use these 2 ways to save to save images from Google Docs are now resolved.

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Also you can copy and paste an image into a G-Mail email that you send to yourself. Once you receive it you are free to modify it as you please.

Best is to save the ppt to your disk by downloading it.Open the ppt in your editor .Now you can play around with images.

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