10 Google Keep Mobile App Tips You Cannot Afford to Miss

Auto bullet point in Google Keep

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  1. Michael Ottaim says:

    I have been using Keep for more than a year after Evernote changed their UI. Keep is really simple and may be that’s the reason I decided to stick with Keep rather Evernote.

    The bullet point tip is really handy, thanks.

    • Shubham Agarwal says:

      Glad we could help out, Keep Visiting! :)

      Let us know if you need to see any specific articles in the future.

  2. Mauro Campos says:

    Only frustrating part is the Drag and Drop feature is only available in the Notes area. You cannot use this in a label you create i.e. Work.

    Other than that I am big Keep fan.

  3. Brendan Levanto says:

    Is there anyway to have sub-lists or multiple checkboxes under one heading? I’d like to have a To Do list, where each item on that list has multiple tasks. For Example one item on my To Do list would be “Complete Data Report” where it would be checked complete once all the sub-tasks listed below such as “input data”, “update dates” and “send for review” are checked complete..

    Any help would be appreciate.

  4. john says:

    Is there a way to have multiple checkbox lists in a single keep note?

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