Goole Chrome Extensions Coming This Week

According to Techcrunch, Google might open its Extension gallery this or next week. Google Chrome is also sponsoring the next Add-on Conference, so there is a huge probability of Google revealing its extensions there.

For a very long time, Chrome lovers have been demanding addons or extension’s support in Google Chrome. Addons have played an important role in popularising Firefox, since individuals can configure Firefox according to their likings. Now, it’s time to Chrome to get extension support, no matter how late they arrive.

Extensions in Chrome will work in same way like Add-ons in Firefox. Google is planning to make extension gallery the same way they have made theme Gallery. That is, all addons will be featured at a single place and users can download and use them instantaneously. This will be much relief for firefox users, who need to restart firefox each time installing and uninstalling any addon. Once, adblock plus, youtube downloader and other popular addons become available in Chrome, we suppose majority of users will migrate to Chrome.

Google has already opened its extension gallery to developers in November, and its looks like, it is suitable time to open it for public usage. So, wait for few days to get the taste of Chrome extensions (and make it almost similar to Firefox).

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This might actually drive me to use Chrome. I’ve been a die hard firefox users forever and love my extensions but if I can get the same from Chrome and a bit faster interface and smaller foot print I’ll jump ship!

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