How to Type in Regional Languages Using Your Voice on Android

Typing in Hindi or any other regional languages on a smartphone can be tough. It takes a lot of practice to get familiar with the keyboard, especially on smaller screens as there are so many characters and elements to use. Therefore, to ease that task, Google lets you speak in Hindi or any other regional language and your phone will automatically convert your voice into digital text without installing any additional applications. Here’s our short comprehensive guide for getting you started.

Voice Typing in Hindi and Regional Languages

Hindi speech recognition is nothing new. There are several free tools available for PC, however for Android, you can achieve this with few simple steps.

Important: Make sure your Google App is updated.

First of all, you need to make sure that you are using the latest version of Google app. To check that, go to the play store followed by “My apps and games” from the left drawer and there if you see Google app update pending, download it.

Step 1. Now head over to the Google app on your phone. Swipe in the drawer from the left and from there and hit “settings”.


Step 2. Next you’ll be greeted with a list of options to customize. You need to tap the “Voice” item and on top of that page, you’ll find “Languages”.


Step 3. Hitting the Languages setting will pop a long list of all the speeches you can speak in. Hindi and other Indian languages are present at the bottom.


Step 4. Select the languages you want to speak in and you’re done. Now it’s time to start dictating in your own language.

Step 5. To write using your voice anytime a textbox comes hit that little microphone button on your keyboard and start talking.


How to get the Microphone button in Google Keyboard?

Just in case, you don’t have the microphone button, don’t worry as you can get it easily with some additional steps. Head over to your phone’s settings and then “Language and Input”. Click “Google Keyboard” and in that locate “preferences”. Turn on “Voice input key” and you’re all set.


However, if you’re using the Google Indic Keyboard, you’ll need to go into “keyboard” instead of “preferences and lastly, “show voice input button”.


The inspiration behind this article is a request by one of our reader, who wanted Hindi typing by voice. If you are looking for any specific articles, do let us know via our email – [email protected]

That was all you need to do in order to start dictating in a regional language. Tell us if you’re stuck somewhere in the comments section down below.

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Thanks for the detailed steps. However I still have 1 question that is not answered and I’m stuck with solving it.
How do I change voice recognition from English to Hindi? So whenever I start speaking it types in English. I tried so many different options to change it to Hindi bit couldn’t find it. Sometimes it starts in hindi, bit most 9f the time it gives in English. Is there any key to switch between languages?


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