How To Make Google Ads More Relevant To You

Whether you like them or not, but ads are the main source of power to fuel the free internet we use today. Although many people prefer to block ads, but there are still many people who keep them enabled on websites they care about. And if we look at the bright side of the ads, they do make it easier to find great deals and services of your interest exactly when you need them.

However, ads are not always relevant to your taste and many a times you may see ads that have no connection with you. Thankfully, if you are Google user then you can make Google ads relevant to you buy messing around with Google ads settings. Google has the biggest ads network, and most of the ads you see are powered by Google. So making Google ads relevant should help show ads that will actually interest you. Here’s how to make Google ads relevant.

How Google Ads Work

Google keeps a track of your searches on Google search and what you do on other Google services to understand your interests. It connects those interests with the basic information you have provided while creating the Google account, including your name, age and location. Once your profile is created, it shows ads that are most relevant to your profile. The interests are updated in real-time as you use Google services.

Fortunately, Google is very transparent about this profile and let’s you access and customize it according to your liking. Just go to Google ads settings and you will find all the information to customize Google ads (login required).


Using Google Ads Settings

Once you are logged into Google ads settings, scroll down a bit and you will see “Your topics” section. Here you will see all the topics that Google thinks you are interested in. Of course, Google uses machine based algorithms to create this topics, so it can go wrong. If you find a topic here that you are not interested in or don’t want to see ads about, then click on the checkmark next to it to remove it from the list. Furthermore, you can also add topics of your interest by clicking on the “+New Topic” button and entering your interest.


If you scroll down further, you will see “Your profile” section. Here your gender and age group will be listed that is based on the information you provided while creating your Google account. You should make sure this information is entered correctly as it will be used to show you relevant ads. Additionally, if you will edit this information then your information in Google account will also be updated (including Gmail).


Block Ad Publishers

You can also block specific ad publishers that have partnered with Google to show you relevant ads. While surfing the internet if you see an ad you don’t like, simply click on the “Cross” (X) button or the drop down menu button in the corner. From here, select “Why this ad?” or “Block this ad” button. You will be taken to a new page where you can click on “Block this advertiser” to block all ads from it. Do keep in mind that this only applies to ads by Google or its partners.

image-4 image-1

All the advertisers you block are listed in the Google ads settings and you can go there to remove advertisers from the list if you want to see their ads again.



Google ads settings make it very easy to customize your ads profile to see ads that you will actually find interesting. This profiles applies to all ads you see on Google service and on third-party websites (over 2 million) who have partnered with Google to show ads on their websites.

Are you interested in customizing your Google ads profile to see relevant ads? Or you just like them blocked? Do share with us in the comments below.

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