5 YouTube Features Every YouTube Fanatic Should Use

Many people spend hours of time on YouTube everyday and can’t seem to breathe without going through their favorite channels. If you are one of those YouTube fanatics, then most probably you will always be looking to get more from YouTube.

YouTube has tons of features to enhance your video watching experience, but not all of them are easy to find. In this article we will list down 5 YouTube unknown features that every YouTube lover should know.

1. Use YouTube Live

YouTube is not just a place for streaming videos, you can also checkout YouTube Live where live events are shown in real-time. Go to YouTube Live and you will see all the live shows/events in progress based on your interest. The live shows are shown by categories, and recent and upcoming live events will also be listed. You can also subscribe to YouTube Live to get live show recommendations on your homepage.


2. YouTube Leanback

YouTube lets you convert its interface to a keyboard friendly interface that takes full advantage of your device’s screen. Visit YouTube Leanback and you will see a complete overhaul of the interface. Video details and other junk will be removed and the videos styled in a grid like manner. The whole interface can be easily navigated with your keyboard and the played videos will take over the whole screen.


YouTube Leanback is made for streaming YouTube videos on your smart TV or other bigger displays, which is why the videos are bigger in size and easy to navigate with buttons. You can also pair your device with your smartphone to control YouTube remotely through your phone.

3. Share Specific Part of a YouTube Video

YouTube makes it easy to share any video with your friends. However, it isn’t fun when you need to add a caption saying “checkout the epic moment at 02:37”. Not all videos are meant to be shared full, if there is a specific part of a YouTube video that you would like to share then it can be easily done.


While playing the YouTube video, pause it at the exact time from where you want to start the video. After that, right-click in the middle of the video and select “Copy video URL at current time”. You can share the copied URL with anyone you like and it will be played from that specific time.

4. Loop YouTube Videos

When a YouTube video ends, it shows recommended videos and automatically plays the next in line after a short delay. If you want to play the same video again and again —like a rhyme for kids— then you can put that video in loop. Simply right-click on the video and select “Loop” from the menu. Now the video will repeat itself instead of moving to the next video.


5. Get Royalty Free Audio for YouTube Videos

YouTube has a huge library of free background music and sound effects. You can download these audio files and use them in videos without any penalties. Visit YouTube Audio Library and you will see all the tracks. The tracks are filtered by mood, genre, duration and instruments.

If you like any of the tracks, just click on the “Download” button next to it to download it and use it as you please.



Above are some handy YouTube features that will surely enhance your video stream experience. Both creators and viewers can take advantage of these features to get more from YouTube. I frequently use YouTube Live and YouTube Leanback and they definitely make things fun. Which YouTube features you like? Share with us in the comments below.

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