Review: Best Online Sites to Download Videos from YouTube

offliberty save as audio

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  1. slash says:

    hi, if you’re interested, there’s a step-by-step English Version guide to use offliberty here: with a bunch of explanations and thought on how it works.. there are other reviews too

  2. oscar says:

    PEGGO is not anymore one of the best, it is one of the worst downloaders because now every thing you click it opens a new tab with ads

    • Abhishek says:

      This is a really shameful tactic. First making no-ads, no-popups site and winning the hearts and then filling it with banners wherever they find an empty place.

  3. Mohammed El-Khider says:

    SaveDeo is dead unfortunately.

  4. Serguei Kireev says:

    savedeo has been down for quite a while. keepvid is a brand new site working fine for mobile. offliberty doesn’t work with youtube anymore.. this list is 60% off… i recommend for youtube to mp3 though, very nice and no ads. uses 2 different apis and 1 click downloads..

  5. Louis Hawkins says:

    KeepVid has also shut down for quite a time. Somehow those online services are always in the risks. I prefer desktop software now, and HD Video Converter Factory is a good option.

  6. Sunny says:

    oh, I did not know about Offliberty. I will definitely try some of the apps provided here. I am also using an online downloader recently to download videos on Youtube and other video sharing sites that can are available to be downloaded. I am using Acethinker Free Downloader online. It has a similar function to CConverter. You only need the URL of the video, once the video is detected you will see different formats available for you to download. I find it really helpful. You also try this one too.

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