Use YouTube Suggestions to Play Similar Music Endlessly

youtube related music

Many times you would like to play similar kind of music though not from same artist or album. While discovering music, YouTube suggestions on right sidebar does a great job for finding it for you. But each time you have to click on a link and there is no automatic way to play them continuously. YouTube Related Music solves this problem by endlessly streaming similar music videos based on suggestions from your first input music video.

What we liked about this continuously music playing YouTube suggestions app?

#. Uncluttered UI and responsiveness

#. Temporary list of your baseline songs and their different versions

#. Ability to play related music videos endlessly like an online radio

#. Usage of YouTube’s own recommendation system

#. Single baseline song to play similar songs

youtube related music

What differs this app from Grooveshark’s and LastFM’s of the world is its ability to choose a baseline song and play similar songs. Also, this app saves you the trouble of manually adding new songs to playlist as YouTube does the discovery for you. So, you always have fresh and relevant playlist of the genre. The idea is noble but sometimes it plays different versions of same song (live, feat, cover and remix) of especially if it’s popular one.

On the right side, you will find list of your baseline songs and on the left the related videos from YouTube. The user interface is crisp and sleek, and has minimal buttons to skip or play next song.

The only drawback of this application is unreliable sound levels and quality. Official videos have normalized sound with decent quality. However you cannot be sure of unofficial ones where sound levels may change drastically between videos.

YouTube Related Music is free to use, so go check it out and discover songs of same taste.

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