Useful List of Orkut Softwares

Orkut has proved itself as successful social networking website from Google. However, there are many desktop software’s which fulfil missing features in Orkut. These software’s include desktop applications, Firefox add-ons, widgets and greasemonkey scripts.

Mashable has created a useful list of Orkut softwares which can be used for variety of purposes like : orkut icon
  • Styling your chat
  • Sending multiple scraps
  • Listening radio while orkuting
  • Using emoticons/smiley’s
  • Language translation
  • Applying different fonts and colours
  • Remembering Orkut birthdays in easy manner
  • Using keyboard shortcuts in Orkut
  • Sending mass scraps, mails and friend requests in Orkut.
  • And more.

You can read the complete article on Orkut tools here.

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Thanks for informing us.

Thenks for the info… Can you kindly refer the link to the mashable page…?? This can help me to find the Orkut software list….

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