Search Tags, Wiki, Images And Videos Together Without Google

If you are sick of googling and would like to search all media on the fly then give a try to these collaborative services which brings the best from all over the internet – Navify and Tagbulb.

Often, when you search Google for some specific subject, the first result you get is from Wikipedia. Though wiki is a great resource but it lacks web2.0 user interface and new media like images and videos. Another feature that Google lacks is one point interface to search from multiple sources through tags.

Following Two Services Let You Expand Your Search Capabilities

1) Navify – Search Wiki, Flickr and Youtube from single window
It claims, “Navify is a visual encyclopedia that combines Wikipedia articles with images, videos, and comments”. Its better user experience for people using Wikipedia. You can find images and videos for the related article within the same site. Moreover it allows people to comment on wiki articles making it a discussion board.

2) Tagbulb – Search multiple sources with different categories
Tags or Labels or Categories are used on various websites to classify content. Tagbulb uses these tags to provide you better insight of your search. Each tag is associated with different sources so that you can specify where your result comes from. On the top of the page various categories are listed like News, Podcast, Events, videos, Blogs, Books etc and on the left side you can choose your source of results like MTV, Blip, Google,Blinkx for videos category. Basically, Tagbulb is a mashup of search engines for tags, worth a try.

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