Orkut Hack to Copy Friends Pictures from Photo Albums

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  1. nishadjp9 says:


  2. coolchiks says:

    please remove this trick as it will destroy the very nature of orkut’s privacy policy !! pleaseeeeeeee

  3. moon says:

    I think u should remove this trick—and instead orkut should make certain amendments so that one can copy pictures from his own profile only if required.

  4. Arnav Guha says:

    cool !
    not only this trick but your website !

  5. Abhishek says:

    To coolchik :

    Try to look from different viewpoint. Just like Album hack script, where you can view others loked albums was gone public and rectified by orkut , similarly this trick might bring some attention to google developer’s.

  6. This is an amzing web site, in fact all weekend I keep searcing the internet for new stuff on Orkut, came across a lot of cool stuff, but your site rocks…. Long Live Orkut

  7. Anonymous says:

    lovely man

  8. Anonymous says:

    fantastic man
    thanx a lot

  9. Anonymous says:

    Open the photo>> Right click >> save Picture as.. I am wondering what is special in this trick

  10. Anonymous says:

    not working!!!!

  11. Very nice hack… thanks for sharing…

  12. Gops says:


  13. danish says:

    well guys u dont need to do this .. just drag and drop the pic and it is done……………….

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