OtherInbox is a Standalone Store for Email Applications

Ever feel like there are just not enough Email tools for organizing your inbox? Well, if you do, let’s talk OtherInbox.

OtherInbox is an app store that solely contains email utilities and services. It sounds different at first, however, this is gold for people who want to discover new ways to play with emails.


OtherInbox works just like any other application store, a repository of new and intuitive email tools. These tools are available for nearly all the platforms including Windows, Mac, Android as browser add-ons or apps.

This is a very interesting concept. With the surge of messaging apps and supporting tools, there is a need for a consolidated view. This email tools store – OtherInbox, has initiated the concept even if the discovery is rudimentary. For the app store, you can either search for the app or browse with filters. Searching apps was very difficult, however the featured apps were a nice addition to someone looking for popular free tools.

OtherInbox does not itself gather this data, it asks developers to submit the app which has impact on emails along with meta data like supported browsers, platforms, price etc. Hence, the library is reliable with the accurate information, but you should not install any app without checking the company behind it.


Our Top Picks.

#. Inbox Pause: As the name implies, this neat Chrome/Firefox tool adds a simple Pause button in your Gmail account. You can control when messages appear in your inbox creating a more distraction-free environment while you work.

#. Boomerang for Android is a free mobile version of the highly popular email utility that offers features like snoozing, tracking and even scheduling emails. Boomerang makes email a lot smarter than it is and works on Exchange/Gmail accounts.

#. Mailstrom is a widely used email cleaner that uses powerful algorithms to make your inbox less messy. You can start a free trial for basically any email platform, after that, however, it’s going to cost you.

That was all there is to this unique app store, take a look for yourself and find out more.

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