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  1. Viktor Petersson says:

    It should be clear that the read/unread status won’t be transferred in 1) or 2). Moreover, 1) will also somewhat lose the structure of the original message, as it is being forwarded.

    3) works, but it is very time consuming. It requires quite a bit of time and also a good internet connection on the computer you’re doing the move from (DSL/Cable will be very slow, due to the low upload speed).

    Instead, I’d recommend that you look into Yippiemove ( It’s a fully automated email migration tool service. It’s not free, but it gets the job done fast and it maintains the message integrity.

  2. Abhishek says:

    There shouldn’t be any problem for read or unread status if you do it with first method.

    With the 2nd one which is most effective, you can have import labels that automatically gets attached with another account mails. All you have to do is one time “Mark all as read” for imported label. The two accounts will be in sync from then.

    Agreed, 3rd method is time consuming but isnt its free and gives you control over your mails.

    By the way, Thanks for mentioning yippiemove.

  3. Viktor Petersson says:

    @Abhishek I was referring to the old emails, not new incoming emails. If you do 2) that won’t transfer. All messages transferred this way will be all marked as unread. The reason is simply because you retrieve them trough POP3. The only way you can maintain the read/unread status is to transfer them using IMAP.

  4. Abhishek says:

    Agreed Viktor, all the mails imported mails will be unread, but you can convert their status “after the transfer” simply by searching for all mails with imported label and then marking them as read.

  5. baharb says:

    Hi, I am looking for a way to transfer part of my (that are labeled “work”) to my
    Any way to transfer only the “work” email to the new email? the methods would transfer ALL the email and it is huge. I only want to transfer about half of the emails. I tried the filter, but it does not forward old email to the new account, so forwarding does not work for transferring old email. Any help is appreciated.

  6. baharb says:

    I guess using method 3, transferring all the mail, including the labels, and then deleting all the unwanted labeled messsages, would be the long-way but it would solve my problem?

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