Advance Way to Receive Gmail Notifications in Chrome

Basic and advance notifications

Some believe that mail notifications can distract us from our productive workflow, and it’s better to read all of our daily emails in one go. While many are of the opinion that notifications help us tackle the situation at the same time rather than procrastinating. Nonetheless, Gmail notifications are a great way to instantly know about any update. In this guide, we present 2 ways to receive notifications from Gmail on Chrome.

Basic and advance notifications - Gtricks

How to get simple notifications from Gmail on Chrome?

By default, Chrome provides a feature through which you can receive notifications from any site. To enable Gmail notifications, head over to your Gmail account and open the Settings. Under the General tab, locate “Desktop Notifications” and check the “New mail notifications on” button. You can even enable “Important mail” button that will send alerts only for mails that Gmail deem important based on sender and content.

gmail notification settings

In case you are not receiving notifications after performing these steps, you will have to update Chrome notification settings. From the settings menu of Chrome, scroll over to Content settings. Under those settings, enable “Ask when a site wants to show notifications”. Once done, redo the above-mentioned steps, only, this time, Chrome will ask you to grant permission for sending out desktop notifications.

Chrome content settings

That’s it for the elementary way of receiving notifications from Gmail, let’s now move on to a little more comprehensive solution.

How to advance notifications using Gmail Notifier?

While the default method for receiving notifications does satisfy most users’ needs, it does not help if someone is not in a position to open their account and actually read the complete contents of the email. To achieve those levels of accessibility, you need an extension, “Gmail™ Notifier”.

The extension is an advanced solution for Gmail notifications. Apart from showing notifications with sender and summary, it works from the Chrome toolbar. Here you can customize new mail notifications, add action buttons and do much more.

Once you install the extension, a small icon with an unread badge will appear alongside other extensions. Click that and a preview panel with your most recent email will pop up. You can switch accounts by clicking your email ID and move to the next message via the arrows on the right side.

gmail notifier in action

The advance functionality of Gmail notifier lets you archive, mark spam, delete, mark as read directly from the panel. Start exploring the extension’s settings menu and you’ll discover tons of tuning for making the tool work as you want it.

gmail notifier settings

From the settings, you can specify the time intervals for syncing accounts, filter out particular Gmail folders like inbox, alter the notification format and even upload a custom notification sound. In the toolbar category, Gmail notifier lets you modify the window size in case you want more content at a glance. There a couple of more settings you will discover throughout your use.

Gmail Notifier is also available on Firefox and Opera.

It’s free and it’s open source. And the best part is you don’t have to share your password or authorize any third party app to access your account. Give it a try and get instant Gmail notifications on Chrome.

Protip: If you are looking to mirror Android notification in Chrome, not just the new mail from Gmail, we have a handy guide.

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