Gmail will now probably have Ads between Mails

A member of Blogoscoped forum reports that Gmail is experimenting with ads between emails. As we all know, Gmail is popular free mailing service from Google and its only source of revenue is from ads.


Gmail normally displays advertisements in the form of sponsor’s link on the right sidebar, which is not so annoying. The ads are relevant and therefore sometimes useful. I do not mind them. Google is going to benefit from this new ad placement, as users are more likely to click them. We can hope increased Gmail revenues can result in better service and features from Gmail team.

Previously, we have told tricks to remove these ads. I am referring them again for other users benefit :–

1) You can change the Gmail Web-clips as useful RSS feed reader. This helps you to stay updates with your favourite blogs moreover no useless links on top of mails. [link]

2) You can get rid of all ads from Gmail by using Adblock plus add-on in Firefox with proper configuration or you can use privoxy to block ads in chrome or this simple trick to remove ads from gmail.

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Filed under Gmail. Posted by Abhishek and last updated on March 15, 2011.

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Very interesting, just one question: what makes you think Gmail will now probably have Ads between emails? Has there been any official announcement?

No Udi, there is no official announcement. Even I cant find any ads between emails but other users have noticed this new change.

What I mean by ‘probably’ is that Google roles out new features phase wise or sometimes does experiments with close group of users. So we can expect this change shortly :)

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