Top Five Reasons To Why Gtricks is an Advertisement Free Blog?

As you can observe, there are no ads running on this blog. I don’t have anything against advertisements; moreover I perfectly understand why other bloggers choose ads.

When I reincarnated this blog, I had only one sole aim that is to provide useful information to the readers. Gtricks is about productivity. Tricks that save readers time on Google applications. We all love Google and its products. But Google is designed keeping simplicity in mind. One of the interesting facts about Google is that its founder’s Sergey bin and Larry page kept their search home page so simple that often viewers waited for the page to load. Apparently they have to put copywrite information at bottom so people can easily figure that page has been loaded. Since Google applications are favour simplicity for users they often consume time for the simplest things.

Gtricks believe in making users smart by useful tips and tricks. These tricks can very simple and they are often overlooked. The primary purpose of this blog is to energize users’ experience. I was never in favour of ads and following points support my view:

  • Ads can make a blog seem ill intended. Gtricks is all about free Google information.
  • Ads can deviate a blog from its main goal. Author start considering money more important than users.
  • Most users feel cheated when reading blogs with ads on it. Information must be free of cost especially when it’s on internet.
  • My job should be to provide the best information and I am capable enough to do it for free.
  • I write for the community not the advertisers. My blog readers are my main asset.

The success of Gtricks depends on visitors and we consider them as greatest resource. It’s a simple relationship that if visitors are happy they would be coming back for more. I hope that you had pleasing time on Gtricks and I assure that much better is to come. You can always contact me for suggestions, feedback or problems. And for irregular visitors, you can subscribe Gtricks either from email of RSS reader.

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Nice…. your post made me realize a few things. Previously many Tech bloggers start writing to share their knowledge and stuff. But when they learn about Adsense & others, most of us forget our Readers and start writing for the Search Engines..

I remember I used to get so many +ve comments when I stared and get very few now .. Although Traffic is much higher now.

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