Synchronize Bookmarks with Latest Google Chrome 4 Beta

Synchronizing Bookmarks can be of great help for people with multiple computers. It could prove very useful in cases where person access nearly same sites at office and at home. The Chrome blog has announced a new feature for Google chrome, which lets users to automatically synchronise their bookmarks. So now, you don’t need to export bookmarks in Chrome and then importing them in another system.

To sync you Chrome bookmarks, first you need to update your chrome to the latest version, that is Beta 4. You can check your installed version by clicking on “Wrench” icon and then selecting “About Google chrome”. Else, you can download latest beta 4 version of Google Chrome from here.

Now, to synchronize your bookmarks, follow these steps:
1. Click on “Wrench Menuchrome_wrench.
2. Select “Synchronize my bookmarks”.
3. Sign-in with your Google account with which you want to keep these bookmarks.
4. Go to other computer and follow the same process. Chrome will ask to merge sync bookmarks with the previous original bookmarks.
5. Click on “Merge and Sync” and you are done.

Watch below the same tutorial in video format by Google :

You can synchronize bookmarks with as many as computers you like.

The best feature of synchronising the bookmarks is that it works in real time. It means, as soon as you bookmark website in one computer, the other computer/laptop saves it at same time. This syncing feature was made possible by XMPP-based server technology, which is also used in Google talk.

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