Control your Android Smartphone from a PC through Vysor [Guide]

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    Sir, I have windows 10.I downloaded VYSOR and ADB driver form internet and installed it on my laptop on NOVEMBER 3 ,2017.Then I connected my ANDROID MOBILE ( Xiaomi’s redmi 4A ) to my laptop through my mobile’s charging USB cable.Then I allowed USB “debugging” and “install via USB” in my mobile’s setting under developer option. After a little moment, VYSOR automatically installed “vysor app” through the USB in my mobile. After finishing these all ,vysor started working well.But MAIN PROBLEM is that I can not operate my mobile on the laptop’s screen using mouse(touch pad) or KEYBOARD of the laptop. I can only see the activities what I perform in my mobile.I want to use the mouse and keyboard of my laptop to control my mobile. It is happening just opposite what I wished. Latest VYSOR allows “FULL SCREEN MODE “only for PRO users.Sir, how can I operate my mobile without touching it from my laptop ? HELP ME PLEASE.

    • Abhishek says:

      Not sure why you are having this problem. With Vysor, you should be able to control your mobile from your laptops inputs (mouse or keyboard). Did you follow all the instructions?

  2. Carol says:

    Just got this set up but can’t figure out how to control it with my laptop keyboard and mouse. Looking down at my phone and then having to look back up isn’t working well. How do I get it to let my keyboard and mouse “drive”?

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