Open Links with Chrome Custom Tabs in Floating Bubbles with Chromer [App of the Week #1]

Would you like to open links from apps in floating Chrome bubbles that have the same performance and features of Chrome?

Using Chrome Custom Tabs for App Browser

When you open a link from any app, it opens the web page in the app browser which lacks performance and experience of Chrome. Also, this internal browser (e.g. webview) does not have all the features that come with Chrome like bookmarks, synced passwords, and history.

As a solution for overcoming those shortcomings to some extent, Google introduced “Chrome Custom Tabs” last year at I/O. Basically, it lets developers code their own little browsers within apps based on Chrome that offers faster and better experience. Sadly, not every app out there has been updated to achieve that. Chromer, a straightforward Android app acts a neat add-on and provides every app with its own custom tab.

Chrome Custom tab vs Chrome vs Webview

Chrome Custom tab vs Chrome vs Webview

How does Chromer works?

Chromer makes use of Google Chrome’s Custom Tabs functionality such that whenever you tap a link on any app, it redirects to a custom tab instead of launching the complete or app’s browser. As a result, you have a way more seamless browsing and much snappier multitasking experience.

Chromer to quickly load links from apps

Go ahead and download “Chromer” from the Play Store. Now to get started, open a link on any app you want and Android will ask if you want to use Chromer instead of the actual Chrome browser. With Chromer, you will notice a drastic improvement in performance without sacrificing any features.

With Chromer, you also get all benefits of Chrome – form auto fill, synced passwords, history and tap to search. If you are signed in a site from Chrome, you will be signed in from Chromer too.

Opening links in floating bubbles

From the Chromer’s settings, you can chose of open links in floating bubbles that can be minimized on top of the app. You can now continue using the app until the page loads. Opeing several such link bubbles is great way to multitask.

Few other features of Chromer app

#. The standard browser options are available through the “three dots” menu on the top right including “Share”, “Find in page”, “Add to home screen” and more.


#. You can launch the Chromer app on your phone to check out some of the handy settings it offers. First up is a search box which you can use to type in a custom link or you can visit Google directly through the floating icon on bottom right corner.

#. Next up is the “Warm up browser” switch, turning it on helps in much rapid launching times as the application remains in memory all the time. I won’t recommend this if you have a phone with less than 2GB of RAM as it can cause freezers due to the lack of available space.


#. “Prefetch Content” is an extremely handy switch if you have an unlimited data connection, it lets Chromer scan what you’re looking at and pre-fetch the content, hence, decreasing the loading times to almost null. You also can turn on “Only on WiFi” to preserve data.

#. Web heads instead of opening links directly settings will create small floating bubbles if you don’t want to read the source at that particular moment. Location can be customized of the initial position and you can choose whether the bubbles should close as soon as you tap them.

#. Finally, you can personalize how Chromer tabs look including color alterations, opening animations and more.

We really like the bubbles feature, where you can open Chrome custom tabs in floating bubbles and use the application simultaneously. You should definitely give it a whirl if Chrome’s memory desires have created havocs for you too.

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