Top 5 YouTube Famous people that Everybody Ought to Know About

Even celebrities could not escape the charm of YouTube. YouTube may be having millions of users but there are some, whom must know about. They are YouTube’s most famous people.

These famous celebs have made their presence on other social sites such as twitter, facebook but also made official YouTube account because of its video capabilities. One thing to be noticed is that celebrities seldom reply to any comment. They have used YouTube as another alternative to highlight themselves to millions of users.

The famous five YouTube list consist of people who are top in their work. They have huge fan following and that’s why they have borrowed YouTube popularity for communicating with their fans via subscriptions. Following are the top five YouTube Famous People that you ought to know about:

1. Michael Jackson :
The world’s most favorite entertainer is also on YouTube. Of course, he could not have a active user account (or probably he does in heaven) but there is an official YouTube channel dedicated to Michael Jackson. This channel lists nearly 100 video songs like Billie Jean, Beat it, Black or White and many other top-sellers.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger
After becoming the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger brought the idea of highlighting California Government activities to YouTube. His YouTube account displays various schemes, policies, and interviews of California departments and agencies.

3. Oprah Winfrey – :
Oprah Gail Winfrey, the famous critic, TV actress, producer and host of popular talk show marks her presence on YouTube. Here she displays highlights of Oprah Winfrey show and behind the scene talks. One Interesting trivia I came to know from wiki is that Oprah is worlds only black billionaire.

4. Barack Obama – :
He is everywhere, be it twitter or facebook. This 44th President of the United States of America dominates internet with the awesome 2,215,000 twitter followers and impressive 180,000 subscribers on YouTube. Barack Obama uses this account to broadcast his speeches and American policies among the masses.

5. Pope Benedict XVI from Vatican – :
Even the Vatican Pope Benedict has account on YouTube. This Vatican channel show casts messages from Pope and the Catholic Church’s take on the world’s major problems.

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Nice Info Aery! Informative as usual. Didn’t have any idea about these persons using Youtube for communicating with their fans! A good Collect!

The vatican’s youtube site looks pretty. Neve seen that before.

This is a great read.. thanks for the info!
I was checking up on the topic and i also came across an article that listed out some of the most successful campaigns on youtube:

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