Play 2 YouTube Videos Simultaneously with YouTubeDoubler


YouTubeDoubler is a mashup which plays two YouTube videos simultaneously. The videos can be of completely different natures but upon mixing they create a unique effect.


The idea of mixing and watching two videos side by side is sounds simple but until you see it yourself it’s hard to believe the creativeness and the fun involved. Head over to YouTubeDoubler and see yourself the weirdness generated by mashing up videos.

Some of the top YouTubeDoubler are –

#. Difference between quick cars and F1 cars on same circuit at same corner.

#. Annoying girl talk.

#. Usher Papers song mashed up with a Goat.

It can also prove as video compare utility. You can compare or mix your own videos or choose from the top played. It’s a fun activity and the creators think it is important to have 60 to 90 seconds of fun from web from time to time. You can call it multi-tasking or just another way to have fun from YouTube. It’s your choice.

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The song “Savior” by Melody Joy and the song “hush hush” by the Pussycat Dolls sound soooo hilarious together….lol

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