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  1. gogole says:

    LOLZ, Nice majic trick on google . If you have such with yahoo , please tell.

  2. Tech Buzz says:


    i will try it out fooling my frds today :D

    is that page made on ur site ?

  3. abhishek says:

    I wish I could but didnt have enough time though.

  4. Sriram says:

    It’s really funny ;-)

  5. Daniel says:

    I used to use this, but now google has changed the size of their logo and it doesn’t work anymore when you click back to their site.

  6. Abinand C Ajikumar says:

    Its a good trick.If we put our hands on the double ‘o’ and keep for a5seconds it will wanish

  7. Anonymous says:

    Try google gravity

  8. Grace Swanson says:

    This did NOTHING at all! I found out some other ones though! Type in zerg rush then press enter. It will put u on apps, but press all. Its pretty funny! To stop just exit that that page. reloading will not work. Or you can type in do a barrel roll. It does it differently on apps, all, and images. Its so cool!

  9. Thomas says:

    Loved It LOL

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