5 Must Use Gmail Labs Features


Gmail is the most used mail service on the web. It is ahead of all the other service providers. Gmail offers better features, better speed, and better functionality with simplicity. There is no doubt that Gmail comes with many features. One of them is Labs, which can drastically improve its functionality. It allows us to add more features in already feature rich Gmail. Have you ever tried Gmail Labs? They are interesting, aren’t they? But there are so many of them. Don’t worry, we will help you choose some of the best and top Gmail Lab Experiments.

1. Add Any Gadget By URLadd-gadget-by-url
This is a must use add-on if you experiment a lot with Gmail. Apart from the add-ons present in the Gmail Labs section in Gmail settings, this add-on lets us add external add-ons to our account. This can enhance our usability to a great extent. View 10 Best Gmail Gadgets.

2. Inserting Imagesinline-images
Gmail, by default does not have a feature to add images directly while composing. Enabling this lab feature allows you to add images in a neat manner. This helps us make our emails more professional. It’s a must use add-on! Read the post “How To Add Images In Gmail E-Mails” in order to know more about adding images in Gmail.

3. Undo Sendsend-canceling
I have no words to describe this add-on. It has proved very helpful for me. Sometimes before proof-reading an e-mail, we mistakenly click the Send button. If this is regular with you, then this feature is boon for you. This add-on adds an “Undo Send” feature, which allows us to revert sending. Though this feature stays active only for a few seconds after the Send button is pressed, it is still very helpful.

4. Create a Documentcreate-writely-doc
Ever wanted to add information from an e-mail to a document? If yes, you need to enable this extension. This add-on lets you create Google Docs document straight from your Gmail e-mails. This is another must use feature.

5. Message Translationemail-translate
This lab experiment translate your foreign language mails to languages of your choice using the most popular translation tool, Google Translate. This is very helpful if you deal with people using a different language other than yours.

Bonus: Use Canned Responses For Mailing in Different Fonts.

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Thanks for the share, i was really unaware of these thing thanks :)

I like the Undo Send one the most useful of them all. It surely helps me a great deal when I forget attaching a file to an email and hit the Send button :P

Agreed – and ashamed to admit that the Undo Send is essential. Why not make the time delay settable? My second-thoughts reflex has expanded to include the default “undo” period. Now I need a longer setting. :-[

Wow didn’t knew about the undo feature of emails in gmail.

Much appreciated post.

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