Reincarnation of a Blog

It started as a hobby and gradually converted into passion. A year before was medium to share interesting links with friends. My friends liked it and encouraged me to write my own articles.
Sree sir of helped me alot in setting up this blog. He taught me the value of good content. Now I always try to deliver quality posts to my readers. After an year of blogging at blogspot address Sree sir inspired me to move at custom domain.I have decided to remain faithful to blogger and use a custom domain .

Switching to custom domain was not as easy as most people say. After buying a domain from rediff it took me almost 10 days to figure out the right thing. I messaged to Amit sir, talked to colleagues, seeked help form sree sir, Nikhil sir and tried some superstitions.
I have mailed numerous times to from whom I have bought this domain for Rs.500 a year for some help but all they replied was to buy hosting solution from them. They aren’t keen to help either. Mailing them 10 times gets you some chances of a single reply.

Here is a quick guide for switching to custom domain in rediff :

1) Sign into rediff business solution.
2) Go to manage domain and then to Domain Forwarding (CNAME) section.
3) Change Aliases to www i.e. prefix what you want. Rediff sold you, now you decide what to keep – , or whatever you like.
4) Set host server to .
It would be displayed with dot after host server i.e
5) It’s likely to be active within an hour.
6) Now go to advance setting in blogger. You will find it under Publishing tab in settings.
7) Change your domain to .
8) Now click on save settings. A new check box will appear asking you to redirect to . Enable that check box.
9) It’s done !!! Wait for 24-36 hours to take effect.

You can check settings by ping command.
In the command window write ping , if reply is request time out then you need to wait and if reply is something like Reply from bytes=32 time=80ms TTL=220 then your blog is activated.

Interestingly I have never met Sree sir face to face but we are in contact since one year. I was heavily inspired from him and now he is my virtual guru. Thank you sree sir for your support.

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Best Wishes for gTricks, Abhi.
Great to see you on custom domain.

I am glad to know that inspired you. I am never perfect enough to be Guru for anyone. Keep up the good work and may God be with you. And I will be there to assist wherever possible.

Thanks for this post and now it is clear and working perfectly

it works but fails to forward from to

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